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Google Calendar


In the past couple weeks, I’ve talked about using Todoist for my tasks list and my Google calendar for appointments;  I love the ease and convenience of both apps. Like I said last week, I can’t imagine going back to a printed calendar. You can even set the calendar to ‘pop up’ a notice ahead of time so you won’t forget, or to give you enough time to leave.

A strange thing happened yesterday- a notice popped up that I didn’t know anything about; I do have my calendar shared with my husband, since I try to add everything to it- his days off, his appointments, upcoming bike or family events, etc. This gives him the ability to see what we have going on in our ministry, business or personal life before scheduling something.  He is able to add or change things too, but normally he doesn’t do that.

So when this notice popped up, I couldn’t figure out what it was; when I read it, I knew it was a spam event. I didn’t know how it got on there, though, so I checked out Google calendar settings- and this is what I found.

Click on the ‘cog wheel’ in the upper right corner of the calendar; then click ‘settings’.  About 7 items down, it says “Events from Gmail” and a choice to add automatically is ticked by default.  Un-tick that box on all accounts attached to the calendar, and that should correct things.