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Your Defining Moment, Lynn Taylor’s collection of devotionals, has good daily words for you, as well as journaling space along the way. This book will help you recognize those ‘defining moments’ that we all have, as well as to learn from them.

Check it out on Amazon today!


Do you have a favorite local author, someone who says just what you need to hear?

Oone very simple way you can help authors, and help other readers at the same time is to leave a review on their book’s page on any online bookstore.

here’s how to do it on Amazon- most bookstores will operate the same way.

First, go to Amazon and sign in to your account. If you don’t have one, sign up. In order to be a verified account, you have to give them some kind of payment information. This keeps unethical folks from signing up for hundreds of accounts and ‘spamming’ their own items with good reviews.

Then go to the book’s page and scroll down until you see ‘write a review’. Click that button and it will take you to a screen that lists all the items you’ve purchase. Choose the book you want to review. You’ll have to give a 1-5 stars rating first, then you’ll have a place to type in your review.

When you’re done, click ‘submit’…. that’s all there is to it! You’ve encouraged your author to keep going- and if if he or she is like most authors, he’ll want to visit that page often when he needs a pat on the back.

Good job!

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What Is It With Me? is a collection of tales from the mind of Danny C. Hall, and I have to admit, I’ve had a lot of fun working on it.

Danny tells stories in a true, southern/slang style. Growing up in a small, rural southern town has it’s own charms, and I can’t imagine anywhere else in the states could offer the same kinds of experiences. Danny does a great job sharing his life – he reminds me somewhat of Jerry Clower – lots of homespun humor and truth, plus a few tall tales thrown in just to keep things interesting.

What Is It With Me? is now available on Amazon, and will soon be available as an ebook.

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I’ve talked to several people in the last few weeks who either have found out someone is using their work (photos, writings, etc) without their permission; or they suspect someone is doing so. Please remember when you see a beautiful photo or painting online, or a poem that really touches you – someone worked very hard to produce that, and they deserve the credit for their work.

I’m sure most artists would be glad to talk with you about using their work. And I’m equally sure they don’t mind if you share their work on Facebook, Pinterest or other social medias sites. Just remember that just because you can find it in a web search, it doesn’t mean it’s out there for free. Do the right thing- contact the owner of the work and make sure you give them the credit they deserve. Besides being the ethical thing to do- it’s the RIGHT thing to do.

And if you think someone is using your work, you can use Google to check. For your photography or artwork, go to Google Images and drag a copy of your work into the search box. Google will do its best to find duplicates or similar images; if you find sites using your work without permission, write a letter or email (make sure you document it) telling them that they are using your work without your permission and ask that they immediately take it down. If that doesn’t work you’ll need to contact a lawyer.

The same process works with written works too- just copy the first few sentences of the text and search on Google. If you get any results, follow the same process- contact them, ask them to take your work down and contact a lawyer if necessary.

In fact, it would probably be wise to include a statement in your original correspondence that your lawyer will be contacted if they don’t comply.

I guess last week’s post couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time.

You see, a tornado hit the town where I live – thankfully no one was hurt badly, but there was a lot of damage. Many homes and businesses in the area took damage, and at least one home was completely destroyed.

Things can be replaced…. people’s lives can’t. In the end, we don’t need to worry about our possessions so much that we don’t take care of our lives and those around us.

So prepare for emergencies in whatever way you can. But in the end, remember that while things are important, people are so much more important.

I’ve touched on this subject in the past, but I think it’s time to revisit it.

I had to learn the hard way to keep backups of my files. Several years ago, I had set up an external hard drive, and had all my files on it. I didn’t think about having that backed up anywhere- until one day when it was too late. All the pictures of my kids over a period of 2-3 years, all my working files- everything was gone.

The only upside at that time was that I was only working on websites, so I could download all the files from each site- but those precious pictures were gone.

Yes my other family members had pictures of them- but not the every day ones I had taken. It still makes me sick to think about it.

Now I have one external drive that I use to keep everything on, and once a week I back everything up to a second drive.

If you don’t have some kind of backup system in place, please do that this week! If you’ve got any kind of work saved on your computer you’ll be glad you did.

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Destination, a book of poetry by teen author Charley Guernsey. Ms. Guernsey’s hope is that this book will encourage others, especially teenagers, to realize that words hurt. Bullying needs to stop and the only way that will happen is for each of us to be determined that we won’t tolerate it from those around us.

Softcover copies of her book are now available on Amazon, and will soon be available in all e-book formats.


Sixteen year old Charley Guernsey is a high-school sophomore. Her passion is for writing; both poetry and prose are a part of her portfolio but she is truly gifted to write poetry. She was born with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, and the health problems related to those have resulted in her having thirty-four surgeries. Spina Bifida is a birth defect where there is an incomplete closing of the backbone and membranes around the spinal cord, and most people who are born with SB are not able to walk, but Charley is blessed to be able to walk. Hydrocephalic babies are born with too much cerebrospinal fluid within the brain. One way to treat this is by inserting a shunt to drain excess fluid. As you can tell, Charley’s health challenges have been tough on her and her family, but she has been inspired to write because of these challenges. She has a message for those who are reading this book: you are not alone. She wants to inspire you to have hope. You can do anything you set your mind to. She wants to encourage you to be strong and brave; and to remember that God has given you a purpose for your life.


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Well, Bilbo made it there and back again, safely, once more. And now I am following Frodo, Sam, Merry & Pippin and of course Strider (Aragorn) towards Rivendell. There they’ll join others who will help the ring journey  towards its (hopefully) final destination.

The Lord of the Rings is another one of those books I visit quite frequently. I always read The Hobbit and start right into LOTR.

There are so many life lessons that can be learned from these books:

  • no matter how small or insignificant someone seems to be, they can make a difference
  • when wise people speak, it’s a good idea to pay attention.
  • people can look scary or different and still be good people

For six more lessons from Lord of the Rings, see this link.

If you’ve never traveled to Middle Earth, I’d like to encourage you to give it a try. And one of the great things about ebooks – you can get a free sample of most of them to ‘try before you buy’.

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Chime Rhymes


Congratulations to Greta Kataha on the release of her newest book, Rhyme Chimes. It’s a children’s activity and oral language book that encourages kids’ imaginations. They’ll practice letter sounds, rhyming and hand-eye coordination.

If you’re interested in purchasing in bulk for your school or church, please contact Greta on Facebook.

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One very effective, FREE, way to get a little publicity is by supplying press releases to local and regional newspapers. Blogs, internet news sites (both legitimate and satire) and social media continue to keep the newest piece of information in front of readers. Since newspapers continue to cut staff to keep budgets in line, they’re going to look more and more to customer-supplied information and news stories.

So if you can create a well-written press release about your story, you can many times get your story printed. Here’s a good article from CBS News that lists several things to consider when writing a press release. It also has several examples to look at.

Besides these suggestions, I was always taught to put the most important part of the story at the front – each following paragraph should be of lesser importance. This helps the editor – if they need to cut some of the text for space, they can simply remove the later paragraphs.

And another idea- if you can include a picture, that’s even better. Most people are more likely to read a story if there’s a picture attached.

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