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When I first sit down with a client, we discuss the project, and which elements of it that I’ll be working on. For example, there’s no need to have me edit your manuscript if you’ve already worked with another editor. After we’ve had that conversation, I work up a proposal that covers everything that I’m being asked to do; in that proposal I also list many of the other items we’ve discussed, and who will be taking care of that part of the project. During most projects, I go back to that proposal to make sure I’m covering my duties.

Here’s how my timeline on a project works under normal circumstances:

  1. As I receive your manuscript, or parts of it, I edit it for grammar, spelling, sentence structure, flow of the story and any gaps in the story line that need to be filled in. After I edit a chapter or section, I will send it back to you so you can look it over and make sure I haven’t changed things so that it’s not your story anymore.
  2. During the editing process, I’ll come up with ideas and suggestions on book size, page layout, numbering, chapter title, etc, as well as cover ideas.  I’ll send these suggestions to you. You’ll choose the elements you like, and I”ll create a cover and interior design using those elements.
  3. After we’ve completely finished the editing process, I’ll set up a sample chapter or section in my book composing software, using the interior design we’ve come up with.  After you look it over to make sure the design is what you expected, I’ll start putting each chapter or section in that same design layout.
  4. While I’m putting together the interior of the book and getting all the chapters, front matter and ending matter together, I’ll send you back the final design for the cover to make sure it’s what you expected. Once it’s approved, I’ll save it as a print-ready PDF to upload to your account on Amazon.
  5. Once I’ve finished putting everything into the book’s interior, I’ll create a PDF and send it to you to look over. There shouldn’t be any more editing to at this point. In fact, it can cause a good bit of confusion and delay if we continue to edit at this point. Obviously any spelling errors that were missed, or other small details will be corrected. But major editing, rearranging or changing of the manuscript at this point will cause add extra fees to our agreement.
  6. After the manuscript is approved, I’ll upload that file to your account on Amazon as well.

An account will be set up on CreateSpace, which is the print on demand service of Amazon. You can set it up, or I will be glad to do it.  The account will be in your name; Amazon does an excellent job of keeping all sales information; they submit all taxes collected and send out payments to authors monthly.  Of course, I’ll give you more details on that during our conversations along the way.

I hope this explains what my expectations are, and what you can expect from me.

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