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2008 Review


Okay, so looking back on 2008, what are the things I’d change? what new things did I try that are now favorites? what things need to be worked on? what things do I want to try for the first time in 2009?
I still tend to procrastinate, especially when it’s things I’m not looking forward to- like most people. In ’09, I plan on handing bothersome tasks better- do them as soon as possible during the day, then rewarding myself with a very enjoyable activity afterwards; this way I get them done quicker, and then I don’t have time to build up dread.
I will be taking more pictures of my family – I take lots of pictures, but they tend more towards nature, and the kids around me; my brothers and I created a family calendar for our parents for Christmas, using family pictures – each person or couple will have their own month’s page. Next year, I’ll have more photographs to choose from, instead of having to ‘borrow’ some from the guys.
I will also be offering a photo session to any of the older couples and singles at church who would like one – they’re on fixed incomes, and can’t afford to have a good portrait of themselves; one couple’s last portrait was done over ten years ago. I know they’ll enjoy having it done, and their children will be glad of them later.
I’m a good bit heavier than I need to be – I will drink more water and walk more often during the week; even if I don’t lose a lot of weight, I’ll be healthier.
In 2008, I was more adventurous in my riding – I’ll continue that, branching out even farther on my little jaunts.
I will allocate more time to writing and drawing/painting. I have some talent, but it needs to be practiced in order to improve. I am also going to schedule time several times a week to practicing and improving my guitar skills – I’ve got a very nice 6 string acoustic, and a lovely 12-string acoustic that are begging to be played- it’s an awful waste and I won’t do it any more.
I’ll be more aggressive in pursuing my goals and dreams- I have lots of things I want to do and if I don’t make my mind up to do them, they won’t get done. When they involve another person, obviously I’m not going to jump ahead, but I will lay out my ideas clearly so they can see exactly what I’m expecting.
I’ve always heard it said that it’s just as easy to ask forgiveness as to ask permission, but I don’t hold with that too much. Too many times having to ask forgiveness for doing something that goes against someone else’s wishes, will eventually hurt the relationship more than it can be repaired.
Last of all, and probably the most important, I’ll cherish the time I have with my family and friends – the Bible says we aren’t promised tomorrow, and I know that for certain. Several of my friends have faced very close calls, and are still with us, but that doesn’t mean the next time won’t be the last time.
Have a blessed Christmas!

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