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*My middle son, who is home from Europe, has been stationed at Bragg, so he’s home for a short visit before he reports for duty. We drove into Bigtown today to let him get a car; he had in mind what he wanted, and happened to find almost exactly what he had in mind, and also seemed to get a pretty good deal on it. He’s walking around with a grin on his face so big, I’m afraid the top of his head will fall off. Boys and their toys – nothing like it. Not that I can say anything- I’m pretty crazy about my toys too!

*I’m so glad it’s Friday- the first week back at school is always tough- everyone has to readjust their schedules, get used to getting up early and to bed on time, and none of us seem to have gotten as much sleep as we needed.

*A situation that’s been on my mind seems to be working out, so hopefully that stress area will go on the back burner for a while.

*My slogan for this year, Big Things are Coming, seems to be already fulfilling itself. I’ve picked up two new clients, with prospects of several more in the works.

*I’m still redesigning my site, with some good input from Nigel Portis, and it should be poppin’ pretty soon.

*Besides reworking the publishing section, I’m adding galleries of my portrait work – I’m anxious to see how it looks online.

*I’ve come up with several new projects to work on, including a writer’s group for some area folks who need the encouragement and help that I can give them. More on that later…

*I’ve been encouraged to write a column for a local paper regarding tips for writers. I’ll be working on that in the next few days.

*My photo entry for the League of Municipalities statewide contest won 2nd place; I was contacted this week for permission to use it in a book to be published by the Alabama Department of History and Archives.

*This post has encouraged me to add a section on my site of news updates regarding my business. I’ll add it as a newsfeed across the front page with links to the full story.

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