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If you’ve got a smart phone, I hope you’re getting the most out of it that you can… I’d like to share about one of my favorite features.

Since I use an Android-based smart phone, I’ve got several apps built in from the Google universe. The one I use the most is my Google calendar. Besides having the app on your phone, you can also see it on your computer at

You’ve got an option to color code your events, which can be handy if you’re involvedĀ  with different groups.

One option I really like is sharing your calendar with others- I have mine shared with my husband so each of us can see what days he’s off, when events we attend are scheduled and I even have his payday as a reoccurring event.

I also have shared the calendar with my brother- since we share responsibility in getting her to doctor appointments, we can see easily when she’s got one coming up, and it keeps her from getting scheduled for two appointments at the same time.

The Google calendar is easy to learn, with lots of features- and since it’s available on any computer as well as my phone, it’s much easier for me to be where I’m supposed to!

Author: Beth R - Categories: getting things done,Living an intentional life

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