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Smart Phone?


Are you getting the most out of your smart phone? I’m not very familiar with i-Phones, but I can tell you that Android-based phones have a lot of potential for saving time, being more organized and getting things done.

A couple of things I’d like to point out today:

  • photos- any photos you take on your Android phone or other device is not only stored there, it’s also stored online – on any computer or device, sign in to your Google account (the one associated with your phone) and then go to  (This is NOT a public site, simply a place where all your photos are). Since I want to make sure I don’t run out of space, I regularly download pictures to my hard drive and then delete the ones I don’t want to display on my phone or tablet. Just remember, if you’re in your phone’s gallery and delete photos, they’re still on your account; you should also have a ‘photos’ app that shows all the pictures online. If you delete them through that app, they’ll be removed from all your devices. It may sound a little confusing- just remember the gallery only holds the photos for that specific device- photos holds all photos from all your devices.
  • contacts- when you enter new contacts into your phone, make sure you list them as a Google contact, rather than a phone contact. Then, no matter what computer or device you’re on, you can sign into your Google account and go to and all your information is there. Then when you change phones, sign into your existing Google account and all your contacts are already there. There are a lot of features on Google’s contacts app- it will hold lots of information, and to me anyway, it’s a great online replacement for Windows Outlook app that everyone used to use.

I hope this will help! I’ll get someone who’s familiar with i-Phones to write a similar article for them.

Author: Beth R - Categories: getting things done,Living an intentional life

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