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Marketing Fails


I enjoy doing a Google search for “marketing fails” when I need a good laugh. There are so many things you can do and have a great marketing plan, and there are also so many ways you can make a poor choice and fail miserably.

One example I’ve just seen lately is poor ad placement- one ad is asking for donations for a group of doctors who treat kids in other countries with medical problems such as cleft palate.  There’s a picture of several cute kids before their surgeries- heart tugging; makes you want to pull out your checkbook right there. And then across from that page is an ad for a cell phone that’s text-capable. The text on the phone says very clearly “I am laughing so hard right now!”

This awful mistake was not due to anyone’s marketing plan – there isn’t a thing wrong with either ad. But whoever put the magazine together wasn’t paying enough attention – and I’m sure the phone company got a lot of bad press about it.

How do you recover from that? And better yet, how do you prevent that?

Publications have to be very accountable for what ads they place in which location. But you can also be a little more pro-active in your marketing. When you purchase space in a newspaper or magazine, ask if you’ve got any choices on where your ad is placed. A little checking right before press time may save you a whole lot of time and money spent in recovery time.

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