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Life is Messy


Life is messy- the way we come in is messy, and most of the times the way we leave is messy too. It’s just a part of life. And too many times people want to sanitize it, to clean it up, to glamorize it.

But the “messy” is what makes it real.

I’ve been present when a woman is laboring to bring that new life into the world- it’s tough to watch, especially when it’s a person you love – you want to be able to take that pain away, but you know you can’t;  but through it all,  you know that sweet little baby will be here soon, so you stay.

And I’ve been in hospital rooms where friends or family members were about the business of stepping from mortality into immortality. It’s hard work- even when your brain and your spirit are ready to make those last steps, your lungs want to keep breathing, your heart wants to keep beating.  The machines beep and flash, nurses and doctors come in and out, checking things, and the loved ones sit around waiting with the person, and it’s hard to sit there. You want to stay, but a part of you also wants to leave. That’s a natural response to what’s going on.

All the times between birth and death – those are messy times too. Making it through school, getting married, having kids and doing your best to raise them right, working hard to make a living for your family, working hard at having a happy life- all those things can be messy, chaotic, exasperating, trying and just tiring…

But hang in there, because as messy as it is, what a reward!

Author: Beth R - Categories: Living an intentional life

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