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Playing catchup


Lots of things have been going on around here, so here’s the ‘cleanup’.
I went back to the doctor yesterday, fully expecting him to say I didn’t have to go back- nope, not yet. He says everything looks good, incision is healing nicely; he said to stop using tape on the dressing since it’s causing some irritation. Works for me- now I can shower and wash my hair without waiting for hubby to come home and help me change the dressing…I go back in two weeks – hopefully for the last time (not that I don’t like Dr. Daley, but I’m ready to move on -LOL)
A very good friend of ours was involved in a bike wreck on Monday night- he was leaving a meeting and hit a deer. Not nearly as bad as it could have been- God had His hand on his shoulder. A few broken bones, some nasty road rash, scrapes and bruises, but he’ll hopefully come home this weekend.
Another friend of ours is in the hospital with double pneumonia, so a friend and I went to visit him. We didn’t realize how bad he’d been feeling until we saw him at the hospital this morning. He was joking with us, asking about our husbands and what they were doing. He looks so much better than just a day or two ago.
Our town’s homecoming is finally here- we’ll start things off on Saturday with an arts and crafts fair, then a singing lesson by Ms. Regina, then a bluegrass jam festival that night. Sunday will start with a community church service at the Primitive Baptist Church, dinner on the grounds and singing in the afternoon.
My folks’ 50th anniversary is coming up and we’re working towards getting everything done for the celebration. We’re hoping lots of folks come and visit that afternoon.
Okay, back to your regularly scheduled blog. Thank you for your time.

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