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The house we live in is where Randy grew up in.  I love living here but because it’s an older house, it has some issues.

For example, the carpet in our bedroom and the living room is in pretty bad shape. It needs replacing, but right now we’re trying to get through the holidays and then we’ll decide if we want new carpet or just go with new tile throughout the house: living room, den, kitchen, hall and our room. (I’m pulling for new tile.) Then we can have throw rugs where we need them.

And I really don’t hate my carpet- I just don’t like it. It’s hard to keep it clean; and some places are worn.  It makes me feel bad when someone comes over because I’m afraid they’re looking at my carpet and wondering why I’m not doing a better job of housecleaning.

But you know what? My friends love me no matter what my carpet looks like…. they want to come see me because of ME, not my carpet. We can talk and pray together, and have cookies and tea together, because we love one another, not because of how my carpet looks, or how old my dining room table is, or how my sofa lets you sink in when you sit down.

Because they love ME…. not my house.

Author: Beth R - Categories: country life,faith and values

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