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In early June, I posted an article about moving over from a printed datebook to a digital task list; at the time I loved it. (

I figured now is a great time to re-visit and update you on how I feel about it now.

I realized yesterday, while sitting at my mom’s doctor visit, that I can’t even imagine going back to a printed datebook. You see, every time I went with Mama, I was toting that book, taking notes, keeping records of her visits in a section just for her.  Now I have an app (Weight Meter Free) on my phone that lets me log her weight as well as other info from each visit- blood pressure, temp, any problems or adjustments.

The task list app I’m using is called Todoist – and I am still crazy about it. I have a project set up for each client; under that client, I have a task set for each project we’re working on. You can have sub-tasks, and sub-sub tasks (I don’t know the limit- haven’t reached it yet).  As I tick them off, it keeps score for me, which is a nice little added incentive to get things done.

I also like how easy it is to move and reschedule tasks- one click will move the task up a day; or if you need to move to another specific date, two clicks is all it takes.

You can set priorities on tasks (4 levels). You can move tasks to another project.  Adding tasks and projects is very simple.

The overview is very nice- all your projects are listed in a column on the left and your tasks are in the main column. You can view just today, or for the next 7 days. That can be nice when you have something scheduled for next week and need to see what should be moved to another day. I keep one of my browser tabs set to and then have the app on my phone and tablet.

One a scale of 1-10, I give this app a 10.  I can’t think of anything I’d change or add; lots of options make it very easy to customize.

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