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Oh the horror of it all!
Mom and I were outside checking the yard again. She has started putting this embarrassing pink harness on me that looks like I’m wearing last year’s bikini; she says it’s because I want to run too far away, but I think she just likes to make me look silly. And now, she’s started putting a retractable leash on that- at least I think that’s what she said; I wasn’t really paying attention.
At first I didn’t think it was too bad, because I could sort of walk where I wanted – check the cats, sniff the ground, pick up a leaf- and everything was good.
But this morning- oh it was AWFUL. I can’t even bear to think about it…. we walked up to the peanut shed and back, and checked all the cats. Then she said she had to take the garbage can to the road. So she pulled the leash out all the way, locked the handle and laid it on the ground and was moving the garbage can.
I saw she wasn’t holding the handle so I did exactly what I wanted to- I trotted away a few feet- and that’s when it happened. The handle started running after me! I tried getting away from it, but the faster I ran, the faster it ran! It was clattering all over the pavement, trying to eat me but I just kept running around the house. I ran by Mom 3 times! She kept chasing me and trying to get me to stop, but I couldn’t – it was just awful.
I tried running under Dad’s trailer to get away and then things got even worse- I couldn’t move! I was pulling and pulling, but I just couldn’t go any further.
Mom finally caught up to me and got me loose. Boy was I scared!
I guess she got mad at the leash because it had gotten wet in the grass, so she fastened it to the trailer so it couldn’t chase me any more.
That was the most horrible thing I’ve ever been through!
Mom brought me inside and gave me a treat to chew on- I feel much better now.
Psalm 118:6 The LORD is with me; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?

Author: Beth R - Categories: 3 in 1,a note from Hope

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