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I can hear it now:
Hope: “Fonda, I’m telling you- get up on that counter and knock that bowl off and we can both have some of what’s in it.”
Fonda: “I don’t know- won’t we get in trouble?”
Hope: “Naaaah. You know she loves both of us- why would she care if we have some food?”
As you can see from the evidence, Fonda did knock the bowl off. Thankfully if was an empty bowl – only a few “licks” of pimento cheese were in there. Of course, the spatula didn’t fare too well – chewed on both ends.
But Hope knows the secret of life – we all need help sometimes.
Two [are] better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour. Ecclesiastes 4:12

Author: Beth R - Categories: 3 in 1,a note from Hope

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