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So I will bless You as long as I live; I will lift up my hands in Your name. Psalm 63:4
I love getting in my mom’s lap – no matter what she’s doing or working on, if she’s sitting down, I will come up and lift my paws to ask her to pick me up.
If I can’t get her attention, I’ll scratch her leg a little, just to let her know I need her. And sure enough, she looks down and picks me up into her lap – she’s even got a blanket wrapped on the arm so I won’t fall through, and it keeps me warm too.
I don’t always sit up there a long time, but I like knowing I can come to her any time I need to sit with her a little.
If you’re going through tough times, lift your hands and praise God! Give Him a sacrifice of praise- in those times when things are hard and you praise Him anyway, that’s when God’s heart is turned even more towards us. He knows what we’re going through, and when He sees that we know it’s worth it to praise Him through the storms, He listens even closer to what we say!
Lift your hands to Abba and tell Him you need Him!


Author: Beth R - Categories: 3 in 1,a note from Hope

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