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Walking in Red Boots is for anyone who is struggling with addictions. Whether drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, pornography, gambling or anything else that will try to destroy your life because you can’t turn loose of it.

Amanda has come through the valley of the shadow, with the help of the Holy Spirit; this book shares a bit of her journey, but the best part of the book is that she shares how you too can put the addiction off of you, once and for all.

It’s currently available through Amazon at the link above, as well as other online bookstores in paperback, and will be available as an ebook in the next few days.

Memorial Day


As today winds down, I hope you’ve made time to pray for the families of our fallen military heroes – their family member made the ultimate sacrifice, and those left behind have to deal with it the rest of their lives.

Thank you to those who sent their loved ones into harm’s way for our freedom.

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Your Calling


I’ve realized in the last few weeks that this job I love so much- it’s really a part of my calling. God has put me here to encourage people to tell their story.

I’ve talked to so many people who have such an amazing story – one or two are almost unbelievable, except I’ve seen the evidence that it’s real… and someone out there needs to hear their story.

And I am the one blessed enough to be able to help get those stories out there.

Have you found your calling yet?  You’re hurtling towards the future at a breakneck speed- are you living the intentional life that God has set for you?

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Your Defining Moment, Lynn Taylor’s collection of devotionals, has good daily words for you, as well as journaling space along the way. This book will help you recognize those ‘defining moments’ that we all have, as well as to learn from them.

Check it out on Amazon today!


I’ve talked to several people in the last few weeks who either have found out someone is using their work (photos, writings, etc) without their permission; or they suspect someone is doing so. Please remember when you see a beautiful photo or painting online, or a poem that really touches you – someone worked very hard to produce that, and they deserve the credit for their work.

I’m sure most artists would be glad to talk with you about using their work. And I’m equally sure they don’t mind if you share their work on Facebook, Pinterest or other social medias sites. Just remember that just because you can find it in a web search, it doesn’t mean it’s out there for free. Do the right thing- contact the owner of the work and make sure you give them the credit they deserve. Besides being the ethical thing to do- it’s the RIGHT thing to do.

And if you think someone is using your work, you can use Google to check. For your photography or artwork, go to Google Images and drag a copy of your work into the search box. Google will do its best to find duplicates or similar images; if you find sites using your work without permission, write a letter or email (make sure you document it) telling them that they are using your work without your permission and ask that they immediately take it down. If that doesn’t work you’ll need to contact a lawyer.

The same process works with written works too- just copy the first few sentences of the text and search on Google. If you get any results, follow the same process- contact them, ask them to take your work down and contact a lawyer if necessary.

In fact, it would probably be wise to include a statement in your original correspondence that your lawyer will be contacted if they don’t comply.

I’d like to introduce you to one of my customers. Greta Kataha has lived an amazing life- she’s survived things most people can’t imagine.

Devastating illness, facing death and sexual exploitation, prejudice, racism, ostracized by family and friends. Countless setbacks in her personal, professional and ministry life. Separated from her late husband and babies due to war in Africa and fighting to keep her interracial marriage for almost 29 years. Through grief, widowhood, too many losses and suicide itself.

Her book contains  just some of her testimony, and I’d like to encourage you to pick up a copy.

It’s currently available in paperback on Amazon and for all e-readers on Smashwords.

You can also follow Greta on Facebook here.  In fact, I’d encourage checking out her page- she does an excellent job or marketing her book from her page, and I’d encourage everyone to learn from her.

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I’ve got some pretty smart kids and grandkids- one of our teenage grands just announced that she hates a large percentage of females….
I understand what she means. The older I get, the less I like people in general. Here are just a few reasons:
  • I tend to spend quite a bit of time on social media, and the more I read what people will say to complete strangers, the less I think we’ve got a future. A news story about anything, and I do mean anything, will have people arguing over semantics, spelling/grammar,  and what should be done to the person who’s highlighted in the story. It’s amazing how upset someone can get over some pretty insignificant things. And don’t even get me started on how people treat someone who disagrees with them over politics or religion.
  • People who abuse children, the elderly, the poor or the disadvantaged are either getting more prevalent, or are just being exposed more often.
  • People who think everything should be given to them free – healthcare, education, food, etc. They don’t want to work for free, but they want someone to give them everything they want.
  • People who think that anyone who’s going through a tough time doesn’t need to be helped- I know there are folks out there who take advantage of others on a professional level. But there are also a lot of people who have just run into some hard times- they need a little help and a little encouragement to get them back on track.  If the Lord has blessed you and you don’t think you need to be blessing others, it may be time to check yourself. God didn’t give things to us so we can hoard it – He gave it to us so we can do something good with it. You don’t have to post a picture on Facebook to let the rest of the world know-but you do need to be investing in someone else.

So, in saying all that, I’d like to say this- if you’ve got a group of friends (really family) who will hang with you through tough times, hold you accountable when you’re not doing your best, and encourage you to be bigger and better than you were yesterday; then you need to hold on to those folks with both hands.

Don’t let the rest of the world wear you down so you can’t function- hang with those dear friends who love you no matter what, who make you a better person, and who will run the face with you.

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I’m very excited to announce that the newest book on Around the Loop’s publishing bookshelf is now available on Amazon.

The book, “The Raising of a Prophet” was written by Renee Kelley; she shares her life story and how the faith and values she was instilled with have shaped her adult life, and is impacting the lives of her family and children.

If you’re raising children, and want them living the life that God has set up for them, you should consider this book for your home.

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Dream Killers


Sometimes friends,  family members, enemies, random people or just life works against you to get your discouraged from your goals and dreams. They may not mean to – they may just be trying to make sure you aren’t expecting too much.

Or they may be doing their very best to get you to give up.

Either way, don’t. Don’t give up on your dreams- whether it’s a job,  writing a story or a song,  living to your full potential,  starting a new ministry or non-profit, starting college – whatever it is.

Don’t do it. Don’t give up. Do not let someone steal something so precious from you.

If you’re dealing with a dream-killer, just do like David – he had to face his giant – a giant who was trying to destroy his dreams, as well as the dreams of all his people. He had to knock that giant in the head, lay it out on the ground, and chop it’s head off so it had no more power over anyone again.

Be a David.

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For as long as I’ve lived in Crenshaw County, I’ve made it a point to come to the Christmas parade; it’s on the first Saturday in December at 11 every year.

After all the floats, fire trucks, beauty queens, football teams and scout groups march through, the toy run starts. It began about 26 years ago, when three guys heard about some kids who weren’t going to have a very good Christmas; so they gathered their friends and headed out with a bunch of toys. They just happened to fall in behind the parade that first time, and ever since it’s been a tradition.

One of the guys who started it just happens to be my youngest daughter’s father-in-law. I can remember taking her as a little kid and she would get so excited about the motorcycles that she would scream. She absolutely loved it- I guess I should have known then that it would play a big part in all our lives.

So I was very pleased and honored when Spyder and Ed asked Randy and I last year if we’d be willing to take it over and sponsor it. Both of them are no longer able to be there like they want, and of course we were thrilled to be asked.

It wasn’t as big as we’d have liked- sometimes the weather keeps folks away. But our dream is to build it up to be the biggest toy run in the southeast US.

Randy and I both believe in dreaming big and we both believe in working for what we want. I imagine God’s put us in this position for a reason and we’re going to do our best to make sure that Spyder, Ed and JR are pleased with our work, and God too!

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