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Just a quick note to wish all of you a merry Christmas. I pray that you get to spend some times with people you love. If you’ve got family coming, consider inviting some of your neighbors as well- they may not have anyone to spend Christmas with.

And if you’re not spending time with family or friends this year, I pray you’ll find someone you can bless – take a meal to them, or invite them over for coffee and cake. In blessing them, you will be blessed yourself.

And for those of you who celebrate another holiday besides Christmas – I pray your holiday is as wonderful as you can imagine. I hope your arms are filled with family and friends who love you, and that you get to see joy on at least one child’s face. Children know how to celebrate the holidays and we could take a lesson from them.


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A few years ago, one of our local churches’ kids’ group sang a song I wasn’t familiar with, called “When I think of Christmas“, (this video does not feature the kids I know, but it’s sweet just the same) with each verse building on the last, very much like the “Twelve Days of Christmas”. It’s become one of those songs that gets hung in my head – I find myself singing or humming it often, even when it’s not Christmas.

And while this little song talks about all the things that happened that first Christmas, it also reminds me of things from when I was a child.  Some of my favorite memories are peeping through the dining room room into the living room and seeing what Santa might have left. One year it was a tin doll house – the people were only about as big as my pointer finger; it had all kinds of furniture, as well as a stove and fridge, a tub and really everything you’d need to set up housekeeping.

Another year, I got a record player and some records  – one had musical fairy tales on it and my favorite was Rumpelstiltskin – spin, spin, spin straw into gold!

I think one of the best gifts I got as a teenager was a real stereo system – it had big speakers and you could play records: 45, 33, 16 and 78 rpm, so anything we had at the house would work. It also played cassette tapes and the newest thing – 8-tracks. I was really uptown! That year I got a Freddie Fender album and I think I wore it out.

I also have a lot of good memories of meals eaten together- my dad’s parents always pulled out the fine china and glassware and we ate at the dining table, squeezing in as close as possible so everyone fit; dessert was always layer cake and ambrosia- which took hours to make by hand and was delicious.  At  my mom’s parents there was also had a big crowd- we just ended up sitting wherever – living room sofa, den recliners, on the floor- just wherever we could “light” as my grandma used to say. Lane cake and fruit cake was a big thing at her house.

So – when you think of Christmas, what do you think of?

Author: Beth R - Categories: Christmas,family and friends

I’m working on my Christmas gift list. I’ve seen some beautiful gift ideas made from antique sheet music. But if you know me well, you know there’s no way I could ever cut up sheet music, any more than I could cut up a book, unless it’s a book no longer worth reading (falling apart, or so definitely badly written that using it for something else is a blessing to the poor paper it’s printed on.)

I was able to find some images of vintage sheet music, especially some beautiful Christmas songs. I’m going to try my hand at making some of the ornaments to use as part of gift decorations. Then they can be used next year on the tree. I’m excited to learn some new craftiness – I never know how these things are going to turn out. 🙂

Pictures may follow!