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you left the open door…
Originally uploaded by mirakingat

This is such a beautiful photograph- it’s almost like a painting. It really should be viewed at full size to see all the detail.
this is the kind of work that inspires me, and makes me try harder in my photography. It just invites you to go right through the door, and into the world beyond.
Absolutely lovely. I just had to share.

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Moon in the Trees
Originally uploaded by bethmrogers

I don’t know why I’m so enthralled by the moon, but I will chase images of her for more time than my husband likes to think about.
I was walking Cookie the shih tzu last night before bedtime, and I looked up and saw the moon among the limbs of this pecan tree. The clouds were slipping over it, like the tide over shells in the sand. I spent about 40 minutes trying to get just a few images of the moon while she appeared from the clouds.
As I said in an earlier post about the sunsets I see most days, I have such beauty in my own yard. My sister-in-law, Linda, feels the same way- she’s got a beautiful place in the county, and I’m sure she could spend hours just walking around her own yard, seeing beauty in hidden places within a stone’s throw of her backdoor.
I found a lovely picture of the moon during a lunar eclipse and it’s pushed me even harder to get good images of the moon and the night sky.; Phil Hart is extremely talented and I want to learn from his lovely work.

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Foggy morning…


It’s a foggy morning- we had some rain yesterday afternoon, and it’s warmer than normal for this time of year. I’m hoping to get to ride a little later this morning, but if the fog holds up, I’ll probably stay at home. I love to ride, but I want other travelers to be able to see me, and this fog is thick enough to cause problems.
It’s a beautiful thing, though. Makes some very lovely pictures, and that’s another possibility for me- instead of my bike, I may load up the camera and go shoot some more of the countryside.
Even if things aren’t like I hoped, I can still get a blessing from it!

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I love taking pictures in and around my community – it’s not a very big place, but I sure am proud of it. Lots of lovely ‘hidden’ places, fields, lakes, swamps and all sorts of beautiful images.
I recently entered a picture of our newest water tower, with a beautiful sunset in the background, in a statewide contest geared towards communities. I received a notice yesterday that my photograph won second place. I’m very happy about it, because it was one of those shots that just presented itself. I wasn’t even thinking about photography- I had headed out the door to pick my daughter up from band practice, and when I saw the sky across the road, I went back in and got my camera.
My picture will be on the cover of the February issue of the organization’s magazine.

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Refracted Stripes
Originally uploaded by MacBern…(pimp my crutches!)

I love Flickr! You can find the most gorgeous images on there, and I’m always inspired by some of the things I see.
I found this amazing shot this morning that I’d love to share with you – it’s called Refracted Stripes, and it makes me want to go out and shoot all day long- which is always fun, but it’s hard to get anything else done, while I’m traipsing around the countryside, saying, ‘oh look at that’ and snapping everything in sight. Check out MacBern’s photostream, and then get out there and shoot something!

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Originally uploaded by bethmrogers

The current assignment on the DPS forums is themed “Relax”; this is my entry.
My original idea was to have DH and L’il Red on hubby’s bike, riding slightly behind me on mine. Red would take a picture using her P&S, catching her dad’s shoulder and side of his head, framing me on my bike.
Well, you know what they say about ‘best laid plans’… DH’s bike is still in pieces in the carport, and the parts aren’t in yet.
So… I just rolled my bike in front of my green backdrop and took some pictures.
Then I stepped out into the road in front of my house and snapped some more pictures. If you were one of the folks driving by while I was waiting to get in the road, no I haven’t lost my mind, just having some fun.
Then I stepped back inside after breaking down the set (that backdrop support sure was very cost-effective, but it’s not the quickest to take apart).
Photoshop is wonderful, and it wasn’t too long before I had the shot I wanted (shown above). I’ve gotten several comments on it so far, and while it’s not perfect, I’m pleased overall with how it turned out.
Now, if we can just get DH’s bike back on the road- besides the problems he’s already having, we got a recall notice in the mail this week, regarding problems with the gears – my favorite part of the letter refers to ‘may cause rear wheel to lock up, which may result in a wreck, injury or even death’ – four letters regarding this were sent to the previous owner, and I can’t imagine why they didn’t take care of this- there’s no cost and it seems like a rear wheel lockup would put a serious dent in your riding fun.

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Reflections of Gold
Originally uploaded by Jim Vail Photos

Some of our bike group leave out on Friday, headed for a long weekend trip to the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. We won’t be going- hubby can’t get the days off.
One of my favorite places to go is the mountains – I love to stop beside the road, where the river is running over rocks; barefoot, freezing my toes off wading through the shallows (even in the hottest part of summer); driving along the river, waving to those who are canoeing or rafting in the deeper parts, wishing I was part of it.
My retirement dream is to live in the mountains; maybe owning a small motel, where we cook for visitors in the summer and fall, and spend the winter snuggled up in front of a fire…

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I love my ‘new’camera- I bought a Canon Rebel XT from someone who was upgrading, and I’ve really enjoyed it. There were several things I’ve had to learn, to get the best photos out of it, but as I tell my friend Toni – “Google is our friend”…
I’ve found several good pages that show how to figure out which settings to use in different pictures: shade, night shots, football games, inside, etc… I hate having such a nice camera and not be able to get good pictures other than the automatic settings. Here’s one page I found that has several good charts to help you learn how to be the ‘ultimate exposure computer’. I’ve been taking pictures for a lot longer than I care to admit, but I’d never bothered to learn how the f-stop, shutter speed and ISO all work together. On my original 35mm camera, after I set the film speed, I knew how to adjust for different shots, but putting the film speed into the mix with this totally manually set camera seemed to throw a kink in my thinking. Anyway, I’ve printed out the charts, laminated them and have them in my bag’s pocket, so I can check them for better starting places.
I’m confident that my pictures will improve, and I’ll have to do a lot less post-camera work on them.

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Rutledge Loop


Early Morning Lake
Early Morning Lake
Originally uploaded by bethmrogers

If you ever wonder why I call my blog (and my website) Around the Loop, here’s the reason – I live near the Rutledge Loop, in Crenshaw County. It has got some of the most beautiful scenery you can imagine. Pastures with cows and horses, old homesteads and barns, beautiful flowers (including a lovely garden of cannas at my friend Charlotte’s house), and a great woody swamp complete with a wooden bridge. I get the urge to drive through and just ride with my window down, looking and listening. This morning I took a short trip through and found some butterflies and wildflowers (see my flickr page for more).
This area is such a pretty place, and I’m so thankful I live here.

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Before the lawnmower
Originally uploaded by bethmrogers

I know, I know – I’m crazy for even taking pictures like this. And DH agrees- imagine a grown woman laying in the grass, shooting a picture of weeds!
LOL- that’s OK- I see beauty in all things, even weeds. God did such a good job creating all things, even weeds… of course, there are some things I don’t quite see the reasoning behind, but that’s OK – God knows why He does all things, and I’m going to praise Him for it. Even weeds that make a crazy lady happy.

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