Off to Germany!

Will shipped out to Ansbach, Germany on April 20, which was Easter. His flight left out of Montgomery at 1 PM, so we left early enough to eat breakfast together. We got to the airport early, which turned out good, because we didn't know 'til we got there that he would fly commercial to Atlanta, then military to Germany. He left Atlanta around 7 PM local time, and finally got to Ansbach late Monday afternoon.

So far, he's doing very well. He's taken his driver's test (passed with flying colors!), started learning about the local area and has also been to the "fest", which he says is lots of fun, and very interesting. He's already made friends with some of the guys and he's looking forward to learning the language and getting back to work.

He's planning on getting a laptop and a digital camera, so he can send us pictures. As he does, I'll post copies of them here.

Dec. 22 - Will just emailed me some pictures of Germany. There's one shot of Will that his buddy took. Then he took some pictures of the parking lot. Will said it only took about 30 minutes for all the snow to accumulate. Here's one of the snow falling, and another one of the parking lot.

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