AIT Graduation Ceremony

Randy, the kids and I drove over the morning of Will's graduation (April 2, 2003). As we drove through the base, we began to look for the signs for his company. We knew we were in the right section when we began to see "Cobra Country" signs, like this one, and this one.

As we walked towards the building, we saw a sign at the front door letting us know that the graduation ceremony would be held inside. Right inside the doors, "Can Do Cobras" hung behind the desk.

The room where the graduation was held was decorated with all kinds of poems and statements that were painted around the walls of the room. Another Can Do Cobras sign, "These colors never fade", "The Man who Thinks He Can", and "Blessed are the peacemakers" were some of the decorations. Flags from every state were hung from the ceiling. The company's symbol, Charlie Cougar, was also painted on the wall. The statement that struck me most was painted beside a sketch of a soldier in arms.

Before the ceremony began, the young men and women visited with their families and each other. Here are two shots of Will with some of his cadre.

The stage was decorated with the flags and seals of the Army and Ordnance. During the ceremony, a guest speaker, who had just two years before been in C Company, encouraged the graduates to work hard and honorably.

After graduation, I took pictures of Will alone and with the kids. We walked over to Will's barracks, got to see "Charlie" and the company sign, and watched the soldiers in formation.

Will is very excited about his next step - after coming home and working as a home town recruiter, he's off to Germany!


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