The newest division of my business is Around the Loop Publishing Co. I work with authors who might otherwise be unable to have their book published; my goal is to help those authors get their books in front of the people who want to read them. My company works differently than most publishing companies- you will only pay me for the services I provide, and you will reap the lion's share of the benefits for your book. Once the book is published, and I am no longer providing any services, I will not receive payment - all commissions will come straight to you. I've never understood how publishers can continue to reap benefits from books they've published, when they're no longer providing any services.

Here are some suggestions that I hope you will find helpful as you work through your manuscript.

Authors I have worked with include Dimple McInvale, David Tadlock, Lynn Taylor, Criselda Barker, Terita HartLehr, Phoebie Lehr Caeser and Barb Mooney. By clicking on the book title's link, you will be taken to a page that will include a synopsis, reviews, and how to purchase each book.

The timeline on getting a book ready to publish and market can be a long one, but I will work with you throughout the process, so it's as quick and painless as possible, while still keeping the quality high. As soon as you are ready to begin your new project, contact me and we'll discuss all the aspects of your book. You'll have good ideas about the timeline you should follow, before you begin, and you'll have a clear idea of everything that needs to be done. As you plan out your book, you will know when you need to start talking to your editor, when you need to start the cover design and interior design, when you'll need to start marketing your book and when to start talking to a printer.

This sounds like a lot of work, and it is, but my job as your publisher is to help you keep up with the timeline - by trusting me with your book, I'll let you take care of the actual authorship, and I will contact you all along the timeline so we can work on the other aspects of your book.

As your publisher, I'll discuss the life of your book, from start to finish; I'll help you decide which software you'll want to use to write your book, so you'll have the easiest job possible, and I'll provide some suggestions for software and other tools that will help you while you write. I'll also make suggestions on the best ways to use your document software, so you'll know how your book is proceeding, and to make sure your story is as safe as possible.

After your story is complete, it's time to publish- I will work with you to determine which publishing and printing companies will serve you best - while I would love to publish each and every book, we may not be a good match. My goal will be to help you find the right match for you, so your book will be it's very best.

I'll also be delighted to talk to you about fulfillment services for your book- choosing a distribution service is just as important as any other part of the process.

No two books are exactly alike, so no two book design plans are alike. If you're interested in discussing your book with me, and whether we might be able to work together, I'd love to hear from you. Email me a sample chapter of your book, along with an estimated word count or chapter count, so I can give you a proposal that will include fees for editing and layout, cover design, a marketing plan and some printing/publishing fees.