America is in a spiritually dangerous era. We have gotten here by our abandonment of Biblical truth and acceptance of expediency and comfort. We have become a nation of “politically correct”, where few are brave enough to speak the truth in fear it may alienate or anger an individual or group.

Contrary to popular belief, we live in dark, perilous times!

That’s the bad news! The good news is that down throughout church history when the spiritual climate cooled and darkness threatened to overtake the church, God always raised up men and women to bring light to that darkness. I believe in this last day God has raised up Dimple McInvale to help guide the Church back to its moorings by pointing out the demonic deception that is going on around us. As you read (and pray) her “prayers” you can sense her passion for Christ and her fellow man. May God stem the tide of demonic activity by raising up an army of believers equipped with warfare knowledge that comes from the pages of this book.

Rich A. Deem
President-Higher Ground Ministries
Montgomery, AL

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