a breaking heart a love story to hurting and battered women

A Breaking Heart, Dimple McInvale's first novel, tells the story of three abused women and the southern couple who are called by God to take them into their homes and hearts. As the story unfolds, readers are pulled into the tragedy that ensues after abuse takes place, whether child abuse or spousal abuse.

The story is a heartbreaking one, but with the help of God and His followers, happy endings can happen.

This story, while fictional, is based on real events, and shows how one person's involvement can mean the difference in life and death.

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Dimple McInvale is God’s gift to the Body of Christ. She remains passionate about the cause to which she has been called. In her latest book, Dimple chronicles her effective ministry with ladies of all walks of life. Throughout the years Dimple has worked with battered women and women incarcerated in the Montgomery County Jail and Julia B. Tutwiler State Prison for Women. For six years she hosted For Women Only, a television ministry.

Dimple McInvale has been uniquely equipped to minister to the needs of today’s woman. She has become a “spiritual mother” to a number of women. She is greatly loved and respected. Recently, a group of ladies put together a “Reunion Party” attended by many of the ladies whose lives had been touched by Dimple’s ministry. The purpose of this reunion was to give honor and show appreciation to Dimple for her life of ministry. The attendees communicated the depth of their love for this woman of faith and action.

Dimple’s ministry has reached much further than I suspect even she had anticipated. God has found an available, pliable, obedient “piece of clay” upon which to place His Holy Spirit and impact the world. If you have been wounded, forgotten or forsaken A Breaking Heart was written especially for you and it will bring you peace and hope. - Rich

As a woman, my life has been greatly touched by Dimple. She has been a real friend, a prayer-partner and a model of ministry. We recently turned to Dimple for prayer support when both our sons had calamitous events happen in their lives. With faith, she prayed with us and within a very short while God turned both the situations around. As a matter of fact, He did more than we asked! That’s the God we serve. I thank the Lord for putting such a wonderful lady of faith in my life. She’s “the real deal!” – Marcia

Rich & Marcia Deem
Higher Ground Ministries
Montgomery, Alabama

Review for “A Breaking Heart”

By Patricia (Patty) Creech-Stouse

Take a journey with Dimple McInvale from Georgiana, Alabama, through her new novel, “A Breaking Heart”, a love story to battered and hurting women.

In a small southern town, the characters, Paul and Charlene Weeks, open their home to shelter abused women. From the pages of the book, come laughter, tears and anticipation. After reading the first page, it keeps you wanting to know more. I was not able to lay the book down until I read to the end.

At a young age, Dimple knew her ministry was to battered and hurting women. She has spent years working with battered women. It was through her support groups, prison and jail ministry, a 6-year television program, FOR WOMEN ONLY; she gained knowledge and experience of the abuse of women and girls.

Though the names have been changed, the stories in “A Breaking Heart” are true stories of women she worked with.

Dimple now lives in Prattville, Alabama with her retired husband and has a prayer ministry for those wounded and hurting today. She still has a dream of building a Restoration Healing Center for women.