R & M video services

There are several ways we can help with your special day. Here are a few:

  • Birthday parties- send us video and still shots of the special day, along with scans of the invitations and decorations, and we'll help you let your faraway friends and relatives enjoy the fun!
  • Wedding receptions- provide us with pictures of the bride and groom as they grew up, along with pictures of special momentos and we can create a video to show reception guests as a way to blend the two families into one
  • On a similar note, video and still shots of the bride and groom can be turned into a video montage that can be shown during one of the songs in the ceremony - perhaps you can also honor those special family members who have passed away
  • Wedding anniversary parties- have videos of different guests made ahead of time, giving their best wishes to the couple- we can put together a special video to be shown at the party that will be a favorite gift; as another nice touch, add pictures of the happy couple through the years